Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last call

Rounded out the evening by stopping by Pelham Bay Park (NYCs largest park located in the eastern Bronx). Just southwest of the Orchard Beach parking lot, I heard a rousing chorus of Common True Katydids! Also heard an Oblong-winged, Greater-angled and the Fall field and Jumping bush crickets. I headed over to Rodman's Neck (by the NYPD shooting range) and heard my second Forktailed bush katydid with some of the more common species.

Finally I reached home on City Island --- just two species were heard as I entered my house -- the greater angle and the jumping bush.

Twas a great evening and my ears are now imprinted on the songs of these insects. I doubt the night will ever sound quite the same again!

Thanks to Sam and the other organizers and our team members: Alan, Graeme, Tenzing, Julianne (briefly!) and myself (Kevin).

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  1. Guess what...that is unlikely to be a Fork-tail but rather the much less common Treetop Bush Katydid (Scudderia fasciata)whose call is indistiguishable to that of the Fork-tailed, but inhabits the tops of conifers...congrats. sam